The Landes Fashion

Recipes by Thibault Gaufryaude and
Vincent Valentini from the Juniper Bar

Photo The Landes Fashion

The Landes Fashion

What you’ll need: spoon, an old-fashion glass


6cl 12 years old Grand Assemblage Darroze Armagnac

1 sugar cube

Angostura bitter

Sparkling water

In the glass, pour a few drops of Angostura bitter and a drop of sparkling water on the sugar cube.

Crush the sugar in the glass. Pour 2cl Armagnac, add 3 ice cubes and stir.

Add another 2cl Armagnac and stir. Add 3 ice cubes and stir again. Add the last 2cl Armagnac, stir, and enjoy !

Photo The Landes Fashion

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