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The Armagnac Country

Gascony or the art of living
Of all the French regions, Gascony is undoubtedly the latest to be touched by the wind of time. Today, every man of every family is individualistic, proud of what he owns, but also knows to join forces to defend shared values and a certain way of life.

The art of tasting our eaux-de-vie is part of that way of life : taking one’s time and appreciating the privileged moment that is the encounter with Armagnac.
With a glass of Armagnac, all of Gascony rises from one’s memory : the terroir, the people, the legend.
All the qualities of this eau-de-vie, simultaneously soft and rough – the embodiment of the craftsmanship and personality of the artisans and winegrowers that produced it – bring back their share of memories.

Hospitality, friendship and loyalty kept their meaning in this part of France. Its inhabitants are sometimes hot-headed, their faces often marked by years of hard work, but they all share this same idea of life, where celebrations and human connection hold an important part.
It is often around a table that the people of Gascony gather, as the food here reflects those who prepare it : generous, sincere and natural.

Everything on Armagnac soil is what constitutes the quality of a great terroir :

The soil, dividing the region in three distinct territories. From the calcareous soil of Haut Armagnac to the tawny sands of Bas Armagnac, through the clay-limestone grounds of Ténarèze.

The climate, with its mild and sunny autumns, ideal for grape ripening.

The forest, which protects the vines from passing bad weather and, more importantly, for its oak, where Armagnac ages and metamorphoses. It isn’t rare to find domains where vines and oaks grow side by side before merging to offer incomparable eaux-de-vie.

The people, the Gascons, who – although they are nothing compared to the beauty and quality of the terroir – work passionately and with all of their heart for the production of this extraordinary product.

The Armagnac production is divided into three areas of appellation : Bas Armagnac, Armagnac Ténarèze et Haut Armagnac. 

These appellations coincide with distinct zones of geologic characteristics, giving Armagnac a character and aromatic profile unique to the place of cultivation of the vine.

Bas-Armagnac is the Northernmost region of the appellation and was given its name because of its geographic position, lower than the other regions ( 60 to 120 meters above sea level against 150 to 200 meters for Haut-Armagnac). Spreading across the Gers region and the Landes region, its soil is composed of clay sand in which are found marine sediments. This region is considered to be the one giving the finest and most aromatic armagnacs, making Bas-Armagnac the jewel of the appellation.

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