The return to simplicity and nature.

In this range, the hand and experience of the winegrower are essential in paying close attention to these organically grown vines, which will produce an Armagnac of rare purity and exalting richness. A return to the origins, the genesis, where vines in Armagnac were subject to the whims of Nature.











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Darroze Biologic 2008

49 °

Grape Variety : Folle Blanche

Gold color, light. The folle blanche grape variety is fully expressed in this harmonious nose: notes of candied fruit (apricot, quince, plum jam), fine spices (vanilla), toast aromas (toast, blond tobacco). A very fine Armagnac in the nose. On the palate, the character of the Folle Blanche is again very present. The tannins are silky and delicate, the aromas fruity and spicy. Very long in the palate.

Darroze Biologic 2011

49 °

Grape Variety : Folle Blanche

Light amber color, golden refections. A very interesting nose, with aromas of dry cookies, butterscotch, fine spcies (cardamon and nutmeg). After aeration, fruitier notes appear (cooked apple, dry apricot). In the mouth, the tannins are precise, fine. Fresh aromas of mint white pepper accompany notes of fresh infusion (lime, verbana) and almond paste. Very long in the mouth.

Darroze Biologic 2013

49 °

Grape Variety : Folle Blanche

Beautiful golden color, not so intense but brilliant. A very fine and delicate nsse, worthy of an Armagnac made with folle blanche. Aromas of white fruits (pear) and citrus fruits (mandarin peel, mango) bring freshness. Some woody and vanilla notes. We find this freshness and finesse in mouth thanks to silky and delicate tannins. Long in mouth. Magnificient armagnac of folle blanche.

Darroze Biologic « 4 ans d’âge »

47 °5

Grape Variety : Folle Blanche

Light yellow colour. A fruity, spicy nose (candied orange peel, dried apricot, prune, mango, vanilla) which also reveals notes of brioche, honey and almonds. Elegant both on the nose and on the palate (where those same fruity flavours emerge) thanks to its silky tannins. Rounded on the palate, despite its youth, and very long.

Darroze Biologic « 7 ans d’âge »

48 °

Grape variety : Baco, colombard et ugni blanc

Fiery yellow with golden tints. Very spicy on the nose (pepper, cloves, liquorice) with toasted notes and aromas of dried figs; an aromatic complexity which requires a little aeration in order to fully reveal itself. Round on the palate with silky tannins; the balance between the aromas (gingerbread, dried fruit), tannins and alcohol is remarkable. Long on the palate..