Truffled Chicken, Armagnac , hazelnut and fig terrine

Photo recette Truffled Chicken, Armagnac , hazelnut and fig terrine

Chef Jason’s recipe

Truffled Chicken, Armagnac , hazelnut and fig terrine

Terrines don’t fall into the category of quick and easy, however this particular one, is easy on the palate, a good simple terrine to start with, it will take you a good couple of hours of preparing and cooking. One of those things that does taste better the next day. Before you even start this little venture make sure you have a terrine mould or cake pan that you can rest a good 3 pound weight over the top to press it, a digital thermometer is recommended for the novice, temperature control is so important when it comes to terrine making… and ice is a must. Give it a go, your peeps will be impressed


1 x 1.8 kg chicken, whole fresh

4 x boneless, skinless chicken thighs

32gms salt

200gms roasted whole hazelnuts ( skin removed)

100gms dried figs

3Tblspns @riovistaolives olive oil

1/3 cup Armagnac Darroze (Grand Assemblages 8 years for example)

1 small black truffle ( finely sliced)

1tspn Ground black pepper

1Tblspn fresh thyme leaves

Pre heat oven to 350”F

Photo recette Truffled Chicken, Armagnac , hazelnut and fig terrine

Remove the skin of the chicken in one piece using your hands to separate the skin from the flesh, I find it always helps to remove the knuckle from each drumstick along with each chicken wing at the first joint an inch out from the breast…. Good luck

Once skin is removed split down the backbone side of skin with a sharp knife and set aside.

Separate the breast meat from the chicken’s chest cavity using a sharp knife, set aside, and then proceed to remove the thighs from the cavity as well, discard the cavity, remove the bones from each thigh and drumstick.

Dice all meat up into a coarse mince, this should reveal a combined weight of around 1.6kg/ pounds.

Place chopped chicken in a bowl over ice, add in the remaining ingredients, mixing well over the ice till everything is well-mixed and homogeneous in texture

Line a terrine mould or a cake tin (2 liter capacity) with parchment paper, lay the skin inside the mould, leaving the chicken skin overlapping on the edges this will insulate the meat whilst cooking

Taking the chicken mixture gently push it into the terrine mould, making sure to get right into the corners, pack the mould, tight and full, using the overlapping chicken skin, encapsulate the mix.

Cover with another small piece of parchment and then aluminum to seal

Take the entire terrine mould and place into a water bath, half filled with hot water and then place into the oven, lowering the temperature to 150’C/300’F and continue to cook for approximately 1 hour ten minutes or until the terrine reaches an internal temperature of 70’c/ ‘160F

Once temperature is reached remove from the oven, and allow to sit for a good 15 minutes to continue cooking before placing a wait on top to press the terrine

Press overnight ( or till well chilled ) before serving

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