Our Armagnacs are in the newspaper! The Evening Standard

Our Armagnacs are in the newspaper! The Evening Standard, a London daily newspaper, has just published an article on the best Armagnacs to drink in 2023, and we’re in the lead! Celebrate!

« This bottle comes with serious bragging rights: the brand is owned by Marc Darroze, brother of Helen Darroze, the three Michelin-starred chef at The Connaught. For generations, the family has been scouring Gascony in search of the finest Armagnacs in the region, and as a result thousands of centuries-old treasures are stocked at the Darroze household (we, for one, would like to be a guest). This, the 12 Year Old, is part of Marc’s Les Grands Assemblages range – a curation of age-defined blends that range from eight to 60 – and is suitably boisterous with hints of liquorice and cinnamon on the nose and floral notes, coffee and burnt sugar on the palate. The family can do no wrong. »

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