New ! Darroze’s dame-jeanne

This large bottle that we call a bonbonne or dame-jeanne is not simply of pure and proportionate beauty. It is above all an essential tool used at the end of the ageing process of our Armagnacs. Indeed, after decades spent in different types and ages of oak barrels, it is often essential to stop the evaporation of the alcohol, the oxidation and to preserve the balance that so many years in wood have allowed to obtain. We then take our Armagnacs out of the rooms to slowly, very slowly finish their maturation in these large 10 to 50 litre bottles.

The Darroze house offers its customers this marvellous container which can be placed in restaurant rooms, on hotel bars or cocktail bars. A small tap allows a quick and controlled service. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the subject.


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